June 2014 Astrology

June gloom? No way, not this year! The theme for June is CHOICE.  You must ‘Just do it‘ and commit even when Mercury goes retrograde June 7th- July 1st. Commit to a daily practice of CHOOSING how to be proactive in your life. Now is not the time to let life happen to you, it’s time to be more assertive in your intentions. This Mercury retrograde will not as bad as you think. We have just come through two very tough months due to the eclipses of April and the subsequent pressure of May. The last thing we need now is a fast moving month, filled with all sorts of surprises, twist and turns. We need a month to sort out all that happened in the recent weeks, so plan to step back, and take the necessary time to make sense of what is happening in our life now. Sometimes looking backwards and taking a moment to reflect what has happened is a great way to shoot us forward. Use this time to tweak, practice, edit, revise and get back into your groove thang. Tie up those loose ends and complete those projects!
What are you CHOOSING in June?
Make a committed CHOICE and see what happens!

Read Mystic Mamma for more about making choices in June!

Hello Summer! The Summer Solstice is June 21st. Continue reading for healthy ways to enjoy your summer!


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