July 2014 Astrology

It’s time to celebrate F R E E D O M! Not only is this month about freedom for America, it resinates with the freedom in ourselves now that Mercury is out of retrograde! We look up to the clouds parting in the beautiful blue sky. Now if we’ve allowed ourselves to get lost in the frustrations without listening to the message last month, we may have to untangle the mess. But not worry the planets are shifting and we should be able to see our way forward with greater clarity!
Everyone wants to live the life they dream, but everyday reality might fall short from that. Sages throughout history have reminded us that true freedom is found within, independent of external conditions and the in coming months we will truly see what this means. How do we reconcile this truth with the fact that many situations feel toxin and heavy and we know we need to remove ourselves from them in order to thrive? Keep reading and I will go over a great way to make amens and finding freedom in forgiveness. 
Read more insights into July- http://www.mysticmamma.com/astral-insights-for-july-2014/


Me completely Living my F R E E D O M!
4th of July 2012


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