Making Amends & Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody.

Maya Angelou

Anger is a psychological defense mechanism. In order to protect ourselves from the full force of our pain, we take a fighting stance like a niiiiinja! But if we drop the stance, we allow the flood of our feelings to wash over us. We sit and lean into all that pain, that’s how the heat of it is released. That’s how we create freedom in ourselves.

When we forgive people, it does not mean we have to invite them back into our lives; maybe they don’t belong there. But identifying with the idea that you’re a victim is disempowering. Forgiveness is a way of unhooking your journey from something that happened long ago. Your past does not have to own you or define you; you can liberate yourself. When you relinquish your rage and move toward forgiveness, you rob the past situation or person of the control it, or they, had over you.

Making Amends

Making amends is not bring up their faults, but to clear things up on your end. When we bless the people or things that have hurt us, we’re temporarily suspending the cycle of pain. Whether this suspension last for a nanosecond or an entire day makes no difference. Whatever the period of time, during the blessing a doorway opens for us to begin our healing and move on with life. The key is that for some interval, we’re released from our hurt long enough to let something else into our hearts and minds: the power of beauty and freedom.

So how do I make amends?

1. Start with yourself! Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, and you surely deserve to open it. It won’t change your past, but you can bet it will change your future. Give yourself a hug. 
2. Reflect. Ask yourself ‘What do I see in this person that I’ve lost in myself, given away, or had taken from me?’ Almost immediately, a response will come to you in your mind. It may be something as simple as a feeling of realization or as clear as a voice with that you recognize and that’s been with your childhood. Answers are often single world or short phrases, and your body knows what’s meaningful to you.

3. Write it out. I wrote a letter to everyone that I had an issue with and forgave them. When we have issues we can only take this situation and turn it around and grow from it. So with forgiveness we also find gratitude in learning! Forgiveness is a private matter, you don’t have to share it with anyone. I kept these letters.

4. Image purple light. I meditate and image the people I have issues with and surround them with purple healing light and image cutting a cord from them. Not in a negative way, but in a healing conditional love way. Weather they remain in our lives or not.

5. Let nature help. Get out in nature and take a hike, go to the beach or walk in the park. You will be surprised how much you let go and embrace the freedom when you surround yourself with nature.

6. Power of the elements. I like to take a piece of paper and write out each situation or person. Shred it in small pieces and than take that paper and burn it, flush it in water or you can bury it in the dirt. The elements are a good way to to release and find a peace in the freedom of forgiveness and leaving it up to mother earth to heal all.

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