Why You Have To Speak Your Truth If You Want To Be Happy

“If we choose to avoid all conflict with others, we will eventually breed a poisonous conflict within ourselves.” – Mark Nepo

Speaking your truth, your deep inner truth can be one of the biggest obstacles we need to over come in life. Most of the time we are totally unaware we are not speaking our truth. It becomes second nature. Phrases like “No, it’s fine” might come to mind. We are taught to put ourselves second and that if we choose to put ourselves first we are selfish or unkind. After years of being afraid to stand up for myself I realized I was becoming bitter and upset. But why? I loved to give to others, knew I was strong and I would sacrifice to put others ahead of me for their own benefit and I thought that made me happy? I realized another deeper truth was I didn’t wish to create conflict.

I could never be truly happy unless I was putting myself first. And to put myself first, I needed to start speaking the truth.

So the deeper question I asked myself was if I expressed my truth and people didn’t like it, would they not like ME? The answer? It didn’t matter! So I tried it. The first conversation was most difficult. I wanted to run and flee and not feel the conflict in my chest. But I had to change. I had to try it. Speaking my truth didn’t change the facts of the situation. It didn’t change the outcome of events. But it changed me. And ultimately, that’s all I can really change anyway. Ultimately, that will be enough. Change takes time. Speaking up requires determination. Being honest takes courage. But, at the end of the day, our truth is all we have.

To help me get to the moments of speaking my truth I had to learn to take a deep breath! Just Breath in and let go! We some times have a lot of time to reflect on the situtation therefore we have time to go deep within ourselves and meditate. Take just 10 minutes to see how you feel in your soul. Feel Free, feel happy to be you and speak out your truth!

The best part is the Universe will thank. You will see the abundance and reward flow into your life after your speak your truth! I can surely vouch for this in my own life.

I live by the quote below for inspiration on truth.

Be Kind. Be Happy. Be TRUTHFUL!

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