September 2014 Astrology

Welcome to endless summer because the fun is just about to continue into September! After the intense pressure of waves (positive and negative) many have experienced during August, September comes as a relief and a breath of fresh air. It’s time to settle into our ‘new normal’.

We start this month off with a Full Moon on September 8th in Pisces. This is the last of the of the three summer supermoons. In Pisces we become extremely absorbent of our environment, so this can work positively or negatively depending on where you place yourself at this full moon. Remember you will be feeling extra emotional as this is a water trait of Pisces. This month is all about sharing. We’ve been hiding ourselves not realizing that we are all the same with the same emotions and experiences, just different details. This month can be ‘coming out of the unconscious closet‘ and if we work through it we will feel more relaxed by the end of the month! Surprise! “

“So where we find ourselves come the end we can be sure of one thing: times they are a-changing and we with them.”- Sarah Varcas
Why else is September amazing? It’s Chocolate Milkshake day on September 12th and I have a tasty recipe! Although we feel as if we are staying good bye to summer, the fall will have more magic and surprises heading our way! I share my thoughts on finding your own inner happiness to enjoy the blessing from fall! Enjoy September 2014!

Read more about September and the Full Moon-


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