6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Good Energy Into Your Home This Fall

1. Celebrate fall’s harvest with pumpkins!

Display plump pumpkins around your home. In feng shui, they’re regarded lucky charms, attracting material goods and wealth. Pumpkins are also revered as protection against negative energy, so a few by the front door is simply smart shui. And while we’re on the subject of fruit, apples are a sign of peace. Fill a bowl with them and place it on the kitchen table. Be inspired by fall’s cornucopia — gourds, pine cones, and acorns — and incorporate what you love. It all represents good health and a long life.

2. Color.

Gaze outside — nature wears a kaleidoscope of hues. Drink its inspiration and switch out summer colors with cascading fall tones. Orange is a social color that bolsters lively conversation — a perfect pairing for seasonal merrymaking. Red is seen as healthy and abundant, so it’s an excellent choice around the front door. It simply demands attention, especially when we want to attract crisp opportunities. And yellows and browns summon an earthy vibe that harnesses grounding, comforting energy in our home.

3. Grow fresh air.

Yellow mums are a howling way to feel golden. Symbolic of fall, they signify gratitude. So, if you are a guest at someone’s table this season, a fresh yellow mum is a pitch perfect gift. However, any plant works wonders. Once outside temps drop, we cocoon inside more. Household plants naturally remove indoor toxins and purify the air, dispensing plenty of healthy breathing space for everyone.

4. Create seasonal rituals.

As we transition through seasons, rituals can help integrate structure and comfort amid a whirlwind of activities. Keep leaves swept away. Replace burned-out bulbs with equally bright wattage. Keep the pathway both outside and inside the entryway inviting. Use full spectrum lighting, especially in windowless rooms or nooks. Light candles or fill lanterns with twinkling lights to duplicate the aura of dusk. It’s so fun! Find energy saving lights and soy wax candles to add to the magic and help the earth!

Open windows and let wild grace carry in refreshments. If the air is too brisk, position a fan to mimic an outdoor breeze. Add rocks somewhere in your home — maybe as plant fillers or a paperweight. By caring for our space, we stimulate fueling energy so it circulates within our homes and lives fully. And just BREATH it in!

5. Host a gathering.

Prepare for fall festivities and feasts. The kitchen is symbolic of wealth, and it’s where family and friends naturally gather for meals, games, and conversation. Inviting loved ones into our home for food and nourishment is a delightful way to stoke prosperity. The shui notion is if you are blessed to feed many mouths, you are already wealthy. And when love is gathered under one roof, it leaves a jubilant residue.

6. Spend time outdoors.

Stand in the sun and absorb its warmth. Let the cold air bite your cheeks. Listen to the birds, crickets, or harvest wind — whatever seasonal sounds surround you. Begin a day with a few minutes in the sunlight, and honor its end by soaking up some moonlight. You are a powerful source of energy in your home. And when your energy is renewed, you become a relentless life force for good.

Fall offers us a multitude of authentic delights that carry restorative power. So, as the season lights up wherever you are, stitch her grandeur into your space and give yourself that warm welcome all season long. Autumn bears a lollapalooza of options — so if something draws you into delicious delight, consider yourself in the company of some seriously good shui.


All this amazing stuff came from my favorite website!


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