November 2014 Astrology

The leaves have fallen, so the nights get cooler and we embrace the change. It’s November, wait did I really say November?! This year has seemed to race right on by as it is the year of the Chinese’s Wind Horse. Gone with the wind ehh? We just came off an intense month with Mercury retrograde that finally ended and two eclipse which really showed us where we are at in our lives. Lot’s of reflections, past issuses and people that came up and a mix of choas with communication. That is all behind us and we must take this knowledge and move forward. The deepest changes at this time are not those which can be measured in the physical and material terms but in the terms of attitude and understanding. When we can see a familiar situation through completely new eyes, perceiving heretofore hidden dynamics and truths, we are deep within the process of transformation, no matter how things look from the outside. Inner changes are what truly matter: new truths perceived, old perceptions released. We must follow our heart no matter if it seems misaligned with everyone around you!

The full moon in Taurus on the 6th/7th will be a perfect time to look at life threw your new eyes, a fresh start to life. There are many opportunities in the coming weeks to embrace the significant shift in understanding and experience. Stop digging at wounds , old pain and play it safe in the ‘victim consciousness’. No matter how unfair life appears to be, no matter how hard we struggle to change, pray and wish this month offers us countless opportunities to do things differently if we are willing to take responsibility for our future, even with our past as messy as it is. And what better way to express the new and old that we have in our lives by finding gratitude and thankfulness! Tis the season!

As we cross over to the fire for Sagittarius on the 22nd we are welcomed with a New Moon. This New Moon is all about patience. As we set new goals and intensions for the coming month we are ready for the change with the fire in our eyes, but we are called to be patience inside. We must be open to a new way now and have patience in the unknown that is ahead of us. Remember Trust the universe!

The new way says this: “You can’t even begin to imagine whats possible so don’t bother trying! Simply live, present to the moment, follow the clues, listen to the wisdom whispered on the breath of life everyday.”

Since this is the month of gratitude, I would love to thank all of you for taking your time to read my newsletter every month! I can’t even express how amazing it feels to share my messages and inspire others on the way!


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