Challenge Your Resolutions This Year!

What a better way to start your new year than to get focused and kick start your drive, passion and creativity with a 30 day challenge! Starting January I am doing a 30 days of creativity. Creating a project everyday. Could take me 5 mins to 5 hours. As long as I stay creative!

What do you what to focus on this year? Where are you feeling suck in life? This could be a great way to start the New Year! Some times a 30 days could turn into a life long healthy habit. January of 2013 I started eating Paleo and now I am going on 3 years and couldn’t feel better! 30 Day Challenges are a great way to practice Will-Power!

I also recommend challenges like-
Eating Healthy
Working out
Having a challenge could be a great way to start your New Years resolutions or goals! Sometimes thinking about  attempting a resolution for the whole year could seem intimating or stressful, so why don’t start a 30 day challenge to help you get started!
I love the Abundance Book for meditation and manifesting abundance into my life! This is one of my favorites!

I also found this site that creates a different challenge each day!

I also LOVE this idea that my girlfriend Kandiss Lewis sent me from BuzzFeed. Make a jar now that you can fill with memories and accomplishments over the course of the next 12 months. REMEMBERLUTIONS JAR is a great craft idea!

Click here to read how-


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