January 2015 Astrology

Happy New Year! Ahh the feeling of a fresh start and new beginning sprinkled with passion and drive. Welcome to 2015! In numerology 2015 breaks down to 2+0+1+5=8. Eight is the number of balance. 2015 is a year to develop and nurture everything related to money, power, control, and authority. It’s a year to Think BIG! Announce your intentions with flying colors. Plan. Organize. Manage. Put petty emotions aside and tap into practical ways of thinking. This is not the year for slacking, procrastination or playing victim.

2015 is all about “show me the money” and it’s also about “show me what you’re made of.”

This is a year for advancement, recognition, achievement, and financial gain

(or loss, or both).

Rapid changes continue in 2015, as we round off an intense cycle of seven Pluto-Uranus squares (90-degree angles), which have been altering life as we know it since 2012. This clash between the old guard and the new world order has gotten fiercer than ever during this three-year cycle. Pluto and Uranus only square one another every 80 years (approximately), and this March will be their last square until 2073. During this time we’ll see more governments topple, reform and reshape themselves—along with the economy, banking, business, architecture and family structures. Pluto reminds us: nothing can stay the same forever. Expansive Jupiter will spend much of this year in expressive Leo (until August 11), adding some razzle-dazzle to our lives. Television, music, fashion and film could experience a heyday, and we’ll all be looking for new creative outlets or fresh sources of entertainment. In August, Jupiter will start a yearlong spin into Virgo, the sign of health and wellness, helping us to atone for eight months of excess and instead seek healthy, enlightened new options. Leo is the sign of the self and Virgo rules service. So if we’ve grown too fond of our reflections and selfies and swipe-left Tinder dramas, Jupiter in Virgo reminds us to engage with the world beyond our smartphones. Where can you make a difference? – Astro Twins
What’s in store for you this year? Read your 2015 horoscope from two of my favorite astrologer sites-
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