The Three Rules of Love

We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.
Friedrich Nietzsche

The month of Love. You either hate it or love it, depending on your idea of love. Most think because of Valentine’s Day it must be represented in a relationship; If you are single you have no love and if your in a relationship there is pressure to show love.
We want love. We need love. Most of us are wrapped up in our perception of what we believe love to be. Here are three rules I found to truly cultivate unconditional love in your life.

1) LOVE Yourself –
I know you have heard it before, but yes you must love yourself first. We all look for approval from others for acceptance in life, weather it be for love, friendship, or even from our boss, co-workers or parents. We feel me must look outside ourselves. This may be the hardest thing in life. Everyone in your world is a reflection of you. So how do you see others? Sit quietly until YOU can admit that YOU are amazing! Sit until YOU feel the spark of willingness to admit that YOU have the qualities that YOU love and adore in others. Therefore you would love yourself.

2) Love Others-
We have to stop judging others. Acceptance for everyone and their path in this world. And you have to love honestly, humbly, and fully. Even when they don’t do something the way you would/ There are so many things you could find to love about every person you come into contact with, but if you aren’t feeling loved, it’s in large part because you aren’t looking for what you love about others.

3) Let them LOVE You-
Yes, if you want someone to love you, you have to let them. Love yourself enough to know you are worthy and most importantly be completely vulnerable!!! Ahh scary! Remember how I talked about being vulnerbable last November? It’s not a perfection.

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Also, let them love you in unconscious ways. Sometimes we poorly treat the one’s we love the most. Why? It’s because deep down you trust them enough to keep loving you, even at your worst. We have to get to a vulnerable state and tear down our walls to let someone in. Once that door is open, so is love.

So let yourself love your true authentic self in all aspects of you. Love others without judgment and see the love reflected back at you. And once again be vulnerable. As you let these principles grow in your life, love will be flying all around you in all directions!

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