Keeping Faith

 “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” 
― Paulo CoelhoAlchemist

 You alway hear “You got to have faith!” But what does that actually mean? The common literal rendering is, to breathe easy; have trust; be free from fear.”  Aw yes! In other words surrender and let go. Which is what I have been talking about since the end of last year.  We are in this cycle of eclipse and they are bringers of truths and secrets; so sometimes it’s exactly what we want to hear, and sometimes it’s a painful fact. Either way we need to hold faith when things are being shaken up in our lives. Here are some examples I found to hold faith.
1) Fear Thoughts into Faith Thoughts –  

I read a great article on Mind Body Green about faith. The writer talked about taking your thoughts of fear and turning them into thoughts of Faith.
For example:

Fear Thought: I’ll never get that job I want.
Faith Thought: There are lots of great jobs out there, and I know I AM WORTHY and will get one.

Fear Thought: I’ll never meet the right person to marry.
Faith Thought: The world is full of wonderful people and I AM WORTHY OF GREAT LOVE.
Fear Thought: I’ll never be rich.
Faith Thought: I AM intelligent and resourceful and I AM WORTHY OF GREAT SUCCES! 

By changing the thought you end up surrendering to the fear and you keep faith that there are infinite possibilities out there. Face it, you don’t know everything and fear thoughts come from our ego. Why deny yourself the idea and hope of a great future?!

2) Breathing
Just the simple act of breathing. Taking deep breaths to calm our mind and body. It shakes off the fear and you settle into letting go and knowing things can change. Don’t give up! Hold courage and strength. Breathing not only gives us life, it gives us power!

3) Vocalizing, Writing and Sharing
In order to get to faith we have to face our fears. Talk out our fears to you loved ones and close friends. They will be happy to remind you that faith is the first step to over come them. When we talk or write out our fears we are more likely to feel better to vent them out into the universe. A good opportunity during the Full Blood Moon Eclipse is to write out fears and burn them or tear them up and flush them down the drain. Just getting it on paper and out of your mind is a huge step towards choosing faith rather than fear. 

Photo above shot by Kandiss Lewis in Venice.
Inspiration from- 


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