May 2015 Astrology

‘April showers bring May flowers’. This month is all about finding balance and alignment in our lives. We just came off the last two months of eclipses and a moon blood. This effected us deeply and we need to release and forgive much that has happened. Things have shifted and we are left to put the pieces back together. We are learning to create a balance and get back on the path, there is a beautiful new road ahead! Maybe a yellow brick road? With all this shake up, it’s hard to see the clear big picture, but it will all make sense soon! New possibilities, new adventures! 
We just had a Full Moon last Sunday in Scorpio. For some of us this moon was more intense than the eclipses and blood moon combined! One of my girlfriends broke up with her boyfriend and a week later lost her job. Truth comes out and things that no longer serve us come to an end. Lot’s of releasing was needed to be done, but the best part is right after a Full Moon is now the best time to manifest and head towards what we want in life! This whole week was a great week to actually take actions and set goals. Where does your life feel out of balance? What simple steps could you take to get there? The key this month is to embrace what is new and different, if you’re waiting for things to go back to the way they were, don’t hold your breath because you might need a snorkel. (Hey, it’s almost summer!? 😉 

We have a New Moon on May 18th in Taurus. This is a moon to help us do things differently and not repeat old patterns. Time for a detox? Make a healthy new habit in your life. Taurus is a sign of will-power and groundedness. You will have the strength to actually propel yourself to new actions.

This month has bit of reflecting that needs to happen since it’s here… yes,Mercury retrograde comes to us May 19th- June 11th. Don’t worry Mercury is Gemini’s ruling planet and feels right at home, so things may not feel as bonkers. (I want to bring this word back). It’s a great time to create balance in our lives with this reflecting. Time to maybe get back to a project, get in touch with old friends, or maybe get back in touch with yourself!? Just heal those wounds mentally and physically.

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“Your truth, my truth, personal and ultimate truth. All need to be aired. In doing so we meet ourselves and each other, deepen our connections and foster the trust and intimacy necessary for the road ahead.“- Mystic Mamma 

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