June 12th 2015….| The Small Things in Life

Dear Universe,

Before I go to bed I usually say three things I am grateful, but today feels different. As soon as I woke up I made myself the usual hot water and lemon tea and threw on a flannel, beanie and flips flops and biked a few blocks to my girlfriend Corrie Novak house to borrow some beautiful boho jewelry for a shoot I was doing later that day. As I was biking in the foggy June-gloom morning, the sensation for how amazing it is to live in Venice rushed over me, that simple fact of biking in the chill as others biked pasted me saying hi to a fellow neighbor with no ‘stranger danger’. IMG_1148 The open roads and clam palm trees, I felt so in love with life. As being a California born and raised girl I don’t think twice about my life style, but this morning I felt like I was living someone’s dream. My day unfolded with flowers from Nicky Ferrante, coffee date with Omair Qadir and driving to Topanga Canyon through the beautiful mountains. While on PCH the ocean seemed more gorgeous like after a storm. Not a cloud in the sky I finally reached the top to meet with Ben Lin to get creative and shoot in the fields of nature. So easy and seemed seamless in each moment. Only to come home and celebrate an intimate dinner with my beautiful roommate Athena Sunga for a birthday celebration. Of corse it’s just a day like any other of my days. Today I didn’t make money, or passionatly do what most see me do as a dancer. Today I was just lost in life. To actually feel the appreciation of the collective moments through the day. I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for days that which make up the small things in life that we truly get lost in the reflections of. Thank you Universe.


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