3 Simple Ways to Share Kindness

 “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” ~Oscar Wilde

Thank you all who watched my 30 Days Before 30 videos. I am now 30 and I am so glad it’s over! During the process of creating the videos and talking to friends and family I learned that kindness plays a huge role in life. Kindness towards others and ourselves. Here are 3 simple ways to share acts of kindness.
Offer Your Help
It may seem easier to help our friends and family because we may know there needs, but some are not good at expressing that they need help. One of my girlfriends broke her leg skateboarding a few years back and she lived far away. I wanted to make her feel better and so I mailed her a care package filled with coloring books, fun socks, nail art and get better nic-naks. She called me thanking me so much and that it took her mine off her pain. Offering help to strangers is another great way to keep sharing kindness. It can be a simple as holding the door for someone behind you, picking up something that someone drops as they across your path. One time there was a girl crying on the street and some how I felt completed to just hug this random stranger. She cried a little more and than calmed herself and said thank you. When people do need the help, you’ll be amazed at the long lasting impact it can have.

Be of service. Offer assistance.
Say Thank You
You might say thank you a hundred times a day. It’s a politeness, a courtesy. But how many times do you actually mean it? Lately I’ve been a emotional rollar coaster, calling my close friends on the phone to vent or crying my eyes out. I felt so appreciated for my friends for being there for me I love to give a ‘Thank You Gift’ as my expression. Even a small candle or flower to show my thanks. How ever you like to say Thank You search for the deepest meaning.

Complement Someone
We judge others in our head all the time, just as we judge ourselves all the time. ” I look fat; she shouldn’t not be an actress; how could she be s dumb.” But we also say positive thoughts the same way.  “Love her shirt; he does a great downward dog; I wish I was that confident.” Put your focus on the positive by expressing it. Tell someone what you like, admire, appreciate. Share the love. I love to tell strangers something I admire or love when they cross my path. I feel like I am ‘cat calling’ on fashion. These actions might seem small, but not only do they make others’ lives better, they are also directly nourishing for you.  Being kind is good for your health.

Watch my video on a creative project I did around Venice to share my kindness!

Insight from- http://tinybuddha.com/blog/3-simple-small-acts-kindness-that-can-make-someones-day/


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