June 2015 Astrology

We have reached the half way mark of 2015! This month seems to be abouttaking actions and getting creatively motivated. Time to tackle the next 6 months ahead. With Mercury Retrograde still in action till the 11th it’s a good time to look back at our goals from the year and see where we are at. Did you fall of the band wagon or are you still trucking up the mountain? This would be the perfect month for taking back you’re actions and what better way than to get creative and try a different outlook. We are still in Gemini which is all about fun, being creative and communication! This month ahead, try taking all your actions in a new directions. Go to different restaurants, sign up for a class, or meet new people. When trying new things there is a balance of chaos and fun. New things can be scary, but eventually you find peace in it. Be crystal clear on what you want and don’t think too much. These are keys for the rest of the year! 
We just had a Full Moon on Tuesday in Sagittarius. While we are still inMercury retrograde this full moon is full of emotions, fears and tears. Let them out and really feel your emotions. Let the pain transform the energy. Sagittarius shoots the arrow to pierce the heart of the truth, so you may discover feelings you didn’t know where there. Sagittarius is also the sign of expansion. Right after a full moon is a great time to manifest your new life, whip those tears aways and get ready! There is still misunderstandings, miscommunication and things may feel stuck in time. Don’t worry just take a big breath and know that the bigger picture that you can’t see now is bubbling in the background and brings hope that the reality of your life is moving forward and things are on there way, as long as you don’t get stuck in the chaos.
Neptune turns retrograde on the 12th which last till November 18th. The rest of the year may feel like limbo, but it might also be a time of great inner discovery. Neptune is about taking in, receptiveness and someindecisiveness. 

We also have Saturn turn retrograde back into Scorpio for just a 3 month visit too tie up all those loose ends till September 17th. We are getting ourselves together! 

A New Moon occurs in Gemini on June 16th. Great time to be with friends and socialize and get yourself out there! The fun positive energy of Gemini is a great time to feel like a kid again. 

We shift into Cancer on the 21st and the summer party’s begin! This is a great time to feel a fresh new start at a season change. If you have been feeling stuck all month the 21st could feel like the sun is finally on your side! 

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