3 Tips to Bring Purpose, Intension and Clarity into Your Life

 “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” 

:: P U R P O S E :: Make Your Bed Everyday-
The tedious act of making our bed is actually one the best ways to start your day. There is a quote that goes “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed”. By making our bed we set ourselves up for success every day and create a sense of purpose. You are more likely to correlate better productivity and generate better habits in life. We do spend a third of our lives in our bed so make sure you take pride in your sleeping lair. I like to spray lavender oil on my pillows before bed to set a calming mood before going to sleep. Also investing in nice sheets and pillows can make a world of difference when you hit dream land and when you wake up; world domination?! 😉 

:: I N T E N S I O N :: How to Use Technology to Manifest
I was with a friend of mine when I saw on his home screen on his phone was car, as a guy I didn’t think twice until I mentioned that I loved the car (It was a Tesla). He said whatever he is manifesting in his life at the time he puts it on his phone so he can see it every day and be reminded of his goals. I loved this! I decided each month to change my computer and phone screens to a new ‘intension’. Whether it’s my dream car or a quote to get me through the day or inspiring art piece to get me creative. I realized how important it is to make sure if I am going to look at my phone about 100 times a day, it better be a great image for an intension in my life! 
:: C L A R I T Y :: Monthly Feng Shui Your Home
I’ve fallen in love with Feng Shui and I bring it up a lot in my newsletters. Feng Shui helps us unblock our subconscious patterns as well as invite and balance the flow of our life with our ‘things’. Just as we change astrological signs every 30 days so does Feng Shui. You don’t have to drastictly change your home every month, but picking something to focus on each month can help build clarity can be monumental in the long run. One month you can devote to cleaning out your closest, rearrange your furnature, bring in money with flowing water. I like to go with a theme each month. Since July heads in to Leo a fire sign and we start this month off with the celebration of 4th of July and fireworks, I like to go with the theme of fire and buy new candles and light them daily for mood lighting. Whether I take a hot shower by candle light or read a book in my room with incense. The fire in this setting brings clarity and peace in my home.

Insight from-http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-20324/6-feng-shui-tips-to-bring-purpose-intention-clarity-into-your-home.html


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