How To Have A ‘Summer of Love’

 “Where there is love, there is life” 

― Mahatma Gandhi

As we have reached August we may feel that summer is coming to a close, but we all know the heat and sun stay late into the evening till October. Summer is not over and your summer of love can still be alive even after the sunsets.
An old roommate of mine and I lived for summer! We went to the beach almost everyday, Barbecued, and danced our nights away laughing with friends. Endless bike rides and sipping coconuts this is what we lived for! She always called it ‘boyfriend season’, and amongst all the fun she always fell short of that ‘summer of love’ with no boyfriend or guy in the picture. I realized years later that the idea of ‘summer of love’ wasn’t about falling deeply in love with a guy or girl, it was right in our face the whole time; being present and happy in the moment. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your idea of summer love weather you have a significant other or not. 

::Don’ts of Summer Love::

  •  Waiting for ‘the one‘- Especially as we get older we get more anixous to find ‘the one‘, it’s ok to have a summer fling of smoothies and concerts, but don’t think or invest your whole heart that the next guy or girl who likes you will be the one. Love takes time.
  • Letting your past dictate your future– We’ve all been hurt and have past issues when it comes to relationships. Just cause you lost trust in your last relationship doesn’t mean you can’t gain it back with the same person or in a new relationship. We learn the most in life through our relationships! So healing our wounds and working through it weather the relationship last or ends this is true understanding of love. Letting it go and letting it grow.
  • Not Being Present– Summer is all about getting out there and having fun. Don’t get fixated on ‘relationship love’ whether you think it’s going somewhere and need to plan for the future together or you feel it’s ending and need to move on, get excited for every moment of love in everything around you! Get lost in love.
::Do’s of Summer Love::
  • Self Love– Don’t forget to love and take care of yourself. Summer means outdoors and long nights, so try new activaties to inspire you and get you excited. Tis the season of paddle boarding, yoga on the beach, and hikes to the waterfalls. Love your body and getting it moving will keep you present and out of your head! When your present you’re powerful.
  • Go barefoot and don’t care– Carefree is another word that sails along with with word summer. So kick off your shoes, feel the grass in your toes and wear your short shorts. Feel guilt and judgment free because everyone is in the same boat! Hey it’s summer, go easy on yourself!
  •  Be Free– I recently watched Flight Club again and was reminded by Brad Pitts character of living fully free in every moment. “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”  Most of the year we are tied up with goals and working so hard that when summer comes we either forget to let go or we let go too much. Find a balance. When it comes to love, don’t forget to smile to everyone, smell the flowers, say yes to all invitations.

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