Refresh your Mind

I just finished a comedy 2 week intensive! ( now I’m funny 🙂 I dedicated most of my time to practicing and engolfing my life into acting. During the 2 weeks of waves of emotions and long hours there were times that I was over loaded with balancing my life. I thought I was going crazy! Then one day in class we got a homework assignment (1 out of 103883) and our teacher said, “Do something you lose yourself in. It can be a passion like painting, dancing or it can be something zen like cooking or cleaning.” She explained, everything in life comes together when you are more creative you lose yourself.
I realized how true it is when you let go and become passionate we find ourselves the most creative and relaxed. When we find ourselves overloaded with life’s activites we need to restart, refresh and relax our mind.

Here are 30 Ways to Relax and Restart Your Mind
1. Take your watch off, because the time is yours now — no rush.
2. Turn off your phone and tablet for peace of mind.
3. Take a stroll or jog around a park.
4. Walk leisurely, feel your steps, and enjoy the wind.
5. Look at the trees and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
6. Listen to the birds chirping and ignore your mental noise.
7. Visit a new part of town or get lost in the back streets.
8. Shop for fresh, healthy foods.
9. Gather with your friends.
10. Try a different route back home.
11. Drive slowly.
12. Sing along with the radio.
13. Talk to your neighbors.
14. Do some simple housework.
15. Water your plants and notice how much they’ve grown up.
16. Cook and eat together with your family and friends
17. Experiment with new recipes.
18. Have light dinner, or try a vegetarian meal.
19. Soak yourself in a bathtub; take time to clean yourself thoroughly.
20. Play with your pet.
21. Watch comedies to have a good laugh.
22. Read a book.
23. Draw.
24. Write in a diary.
25. Massage yourself with herbal oils.
26. Bask in the moonlight or watch the sunset or sunrise.
27. Indulge in the sounds of insects.
28. Meditate to clear your mind.
29. Have a cup of warm milk or soothing tea.
30. Sleep early.
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