August 20th 2015…|Routine’s with Bae

Dear Universe,

Every morning my boyfriend and I decided to wake up and do 3 sun salutations of yoga. (Energizing your body as you stretch and strengthen all of its major muscle groups also known as surya namaskar.) In other words we move our body slow and make little noises and expressions that sounds like, “owieee” “fuck” and “ughhhhh.”  I lay down our mats towards our big window that is covered in plants and herds. We pray to our basil and mint leaves because someone has too. My boyfriends finds a ‘zen’ song usually of magical flutes and we light some sage or incense. We breath and go off each other for pace. At the end we meditate for a few minutes and then start our day which usually consists of Nicky (my boyfriend) making coffee and me making the bed. Good girlfriend shit. We might either colab on making breakfast or one of us might feel more inspired to take it on. He is a smoothie master. What I have concluded thus far is this, although we might be sluggish and slow to start we never regret it in the end. We know feel more connected to each other and no matter what comes our way; Nicky’s lost wallet, Nicky’s stolen bike, my ? … We still can hold our shit together and make it a great day. Air sign life.

Most of the time when we are in relationships we get caught up in a routine weather it’s a healthy one or not. For most of us it looks like work, eat, netflixs. But I found this routine at times to be unhealthy in small ways. Don’t get me wrong about leg tangles and a glorious meat and ‘cheese’ platter with dates, cherries, sliced peppered salame and brue like almond cheese served on a wooded cutting board in bed paired with $2 red wind for Nicky and sparkling apple cider for me as we watch Game Of Thrones in character. This is an amazing feeling of getting lost in a hipnotic TV glare. We zone out and next thing you know we watched 3 episodes and were barely fighting to stay awake until sleep takes over. I felt like something was missing after a month of the netflixs routine. We changed it up and now before bed if we decide to watch a movie we do it earlier in the eve and than write or draw or read before we got too tired and binged out.


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