September 2015 Astrology

We have reached one of the most powerful & intense months of the year!!!! Get ready because we have two eclipses and one is during a Supermoon (new vision & surprises), Mercury takes it’s journey into retrograde (ughhh where are my keys?), Saturn enters Sagittarius (It’s happening now feeling!) and Venus turns direct (hello new hair cut & new love?!). This is a month where there might be surprises at every corner. They could be exciting and also emotionally devastating. Have faith this month in whatever is in the tip jar for you. There might be a few one’s, but now and than there might be a twenty in there. That being said, here we go . . .

Venus the planet of love and beauty ends it’s retrograde on theSeptember 6th. The rose tinted glasses come off so we actually see what’s in front of us. Were we blinded by love? The ex’s will stop texting or old flames might settle down. Give yourself some time to heal from what might be occurring in that wild mind of yours. If it’s true love, don’t rush anything. Oh and if you’ve been itching to buy some new clothes ,get that hair cut or revamp your look, this is now the time!

We have a Full Moon in Pisces on September 9th. Our last Full Moon in August was in Pisces too! Plus this is the last of the 3 super moons of summer. This is an intense moon and it can go either really positive or negative depending on where you stand emotionally. Pisces is a water sign and water is our subconscious and when we dive deep into our mind we can get to a dark place and feel stuck by the seaweed or you could discover hidden treasure from a lost city inside you. Hold a positive outlook and mediation for yourself this Full Moon. And watch your dreams around thiswater full moon. These are keys and messages you might want to decode to help you through an active surrender. Don’t forget to de clutter your life at the full moon whether it be people, relationships or getting rid of junk in your house or just cleaning out your closet. (Which is my favorite! If you are looking for ways to sell, or trade your clothes try Poshmark; its an app and it is absolutely amazing! Just added new clothes on mine for the Full Moon).  

September 13th we have a solar eclipse in Virgo. This reminds us that we are apart of something bigger in our lives. What you do effects the world around you, so think of the bigger picture for humanity. Give back in any way you can, recycle more, volunteer once a month, lead a hand to a stranger, get involved in community events, commit to picking up three pieces of trash a day, or simply just be kind and actively commit to stop judging others (this cannot be done overnight but practice does make perfect). We are all going through stuff in our lives and especially this month, so if a friend doesn’t text back or blows you off, just hold space and know you’ve had days like this too. We’re all all a little bit lost so do your best to not cast any stones.

September 17th Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. As if the eclipses weren’t enough this month, mercury will be there to push you to dive deeper into yourself. This will be three weeks of reflections in yourself and the world around you. It will help uncover the truths, how are you treating the people around you? How are you being truthful to yourself? Mercury is the communication planet so watch your words and thoughts. Things seem to get misunderstood. This is a time to really see where you hide and how to act in the face of the world.

Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 18th and stays till December 2017! This is a time to truly speak your authentic truths. If you say you eat healthy, DO IT! Now is the time to walk the talk. Saturn in Sagittarius is a craving for knowledge, wisdom and the meaning of life. Really getting out there and living your life, but it will take patience and time. Saturn is a learning planet that can throw curve balls so don’t forget to breath and know it will all be apart of the bigger picture and you will be so grateful for it later.

And last but not least, there will be a lunar eclipse in Arise on September 28th that falls on a Supermoon. This eclipse will be you coming out of your shell, this is a new vision of yourself. Realizing your potential and growth in the time to come. Damn you are talented! This is it, this feeling of inspiration has been here the whole time and you now you have the awareness to see it and most importantly channel it. The end of the month can feel liberating and free if you tap into this awareness, but if you are still grasping on to long goodbyes, empty promises or any fears you will be thrown to the wolves of your mind. Just let the Universe take control and have faith. Life is cycles and this month is the end of the beginning. Step into your authentic self this moth.

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