How to Handle Stress

Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.
Hans Selye

No matter if we live in paradise, on a island, or the hustle and bustle of a city, stress will find you. Last month I started off with no work and peaceful days to a flood of non stop, long hours and crazy costumes! Even though I love dancing to its full passion, work is work and at some point we get really stressed. Stress can create disease in the body and wear us down emotional to physically, along with age us faster than we think. We also all handle stress different, I like to be around people, vent and get advise. My boyfriend likes to be alone and have time to himself to think and process. Either way there are simple tricks to keep yourself from going over board. 

Source it– Find out the root of the stress. Not to blame or point fingers, but to internally find out why you are creating the actions and responses you are having. Is it steaming from love? Not feel appreciated? Balance of work and play? Whatever it is, it comes from you and a lack of balance. 

Let it out– Write, talk, shake it and move. Some people deal with it by writing all there feelings out, it helps to really see where your feelings are coming from. Some are talkers and like to call their friend list and vent it out and get advice, so need to move there body to get out of their head. Yoga, hike, run or bike to get the blood flowing to get your mind at a peaceful place to process.

Acceptance– Best part is, life isn’t always like this! And when you hit the bottom, you can only go up! Accept that your human, accept that you can’t chance others, accept you are strong enough to get through it. Remember you are never alone!

Get Grateful– Complaining about your stress keeps you in the negative spiral. Pull yourself out of it by making a gratitude list. What were you grateful today? It could even change your perspective on what you were even stressed about. Maybe you are thankful that someone told you the ‘bad news’, but in reality it might have been best to know now, than future down the road! 


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