5 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Declutter

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”
― Albert Einstein

What better way to end the year than by saying good bye to the clutter in our lives! Time to get busy and cleanse yourself of 2015 and all those years behind it! Clutter is anything you don’t like, don’t need, don’t use. In feng shui philosophy, free-flowing energy creates health, wealth, love and abundance. Clutter stops that beautiful energy flow, and gives rise to stagnation, exhaustion and exasperation. Eww! Have you ever cleaned a junk drawer or your closet and felt some sort of magical satisfaction!? It’s from the energy and space you allowed to open up!

Here’s is some of the magical things that happen when you declutter.

You Will Feel More Vibrant and Magnetic  
Once you clear and organize your space your will feel more present and alive! Your home will have more harmony. Like Acupuncture, when we remove blocks we finally feel a sense of clarity and wellbeing. You will move through your home with more personality than stagnant energy. Maybe your urge to be a Netflix addict will turn into more of a feeling of freedom and creativity. Who knows what might open up for you when you declutter your home! You could discover a new talent or even how to start a new project to create more money flowing in! 

More Time
When you declutter and organize you simplify your life. Like my mom said growing up “Everything has a home”, she always told us this when we would clean our room. This created organization. I knew where every shirt, necklace, and pair of shoes was in my room. Everything was easy to find and put away. When you know where everything is, you don’t waste time looking. Your keys are on the key ring by the door, your travel kit is on the 3rd shelf in the hall. No wasted time, and more time to create, relax and enjoy your home.

Personal Issues Are Address and Healed
When you are digging through a mess, you uncover a lot of emotional attachments and residue. “My ex loved this dress on me,” “My Mom gave this to me.” These are all emotional attachments we created with our clutter. Every bad memory, broken heart, childhood attachment holds old stuck energy. I’m not saying get rid of everything old, but just the clutter and emotions with it. As they say “Out with the old, in with the new!” We must create space for the new, otherwise you will stay stuck! 

You Lose Bad Habits and Start Better Ones
If you clear away the bad-habit clutter, you clear away your temptation. When you get rid of the processed sugar from your pantry and fridge than you lose the temptation for a sugar binge at midnight or in a emotional rut. Remove the triggers from the negative emotions. Who knows maybe next time you cry, you’ll want to make a kale salad or date smoothie in place?!

Money Flows
I have created a habit that every full moon I let go of something, whether it be material or emotional. I get obsessed with cleaning my closet and getting rid of my clothes. Most people do yard sales. When we go through our clutter of things that no longer serve us than we can sell or trade them. I sell some of my clothes online to create extra cash flow. You never know when someones trash is someone else’s treasure.

There is no negative downside to declutter and cleaning your space. Everything will improve in your life! You will feel fantastic, organized, emotionally more grounded and energized! Your love, money, health will expand. Your life will be more creative, so start decluttering now! Tackle a small space today- whether it be your purse, a drawer or even your closet. Feel the magic flow in!

insights from- http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-22687/9-ways-your-life-will-improve-when-you-declutter.html?utm_source=mbg&utm_medium=email&utm_content=daily&utm_campaign=151127-9-ways-your-life-will-improve-when-you-declutter


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