G r a t i t u d e ( Looking at the Big Picture)

In honor of Thanksgiving, we express what we are thankful for in our lives. Of corse we know we should be doing this daily, and I am proud to say I do!

Every night before I go to bed my boyfriend and I say at least three things we are grateful for. Most of the time it’s a great way to have a reflection of our day. Even when we had a ‘bad’ day or had something that occurred that threw us off our flow, by the end of the day I am able to grasp a small vision of what is the bigger picture. Once I am able to see that it is all meant to be and that every little thing happens for a reason, I am able to rest more assure in my path for the future!

I have been in long dance rehearsals the last three days getting ready to dance for a new artist. My body was aching and my mind was fried from the overload of choreography. After all the sweat, hard work and pain I was in I got a call from my agent releasing us from the gig, saying the producer decided to go in a different direction. Of corse my mind was flooded with thoughts of; was I good enough? Was it me? Could I have done anything more? Was I too tall? Was I too fun? But of course in the  industry things are always changing and this happens all the time. After settling my thoughts I realized how great my body felt after the soreness calmed. I felt strong, I also met some amazing dancers, got to work with top choreographers and do what I love, dance! Even if it was just in a studio, I haven’t been able to move and shake my body like that in a while. Felt good to know I still have what it takes. It gave me a good reminder that I am talented! And who knows where the future may lay in the people and hard work that was put into these past days.

I am grateful for this experience and everything that comes my way! We should think like a “stoner” and be grateful for every moment of discovery. For the small things in life, the grass, the air, our friendships and just to be alive at such a radical time in history.

Most of us in American no longer celebrate this fabricated lie of history of a peaceful dinner of the Native Americans and the Pilgrims meeting. We celebrate it as a harvest of the season and time to give thanks. We share it with our friends and family as well as being of service and helping others around us. It reminds us to not repeat history and to be kind to each other. To be grateful for our lives and the struggles we have gone through.

This year look at it from a different angle. Be grateful for how far you have come, for the all the things you have tried, and or accomplished in life. Be grateful for the transformation and evolution you are in with yourself and the world around you. Be grateful for your path and mission in life, whether you know it or not. Be grateful that you are willing to change. Be grateful to know you are always learning and never meant to be perfect. Be grateful to be you!


Featured Art by Hans Walor http://www.hanswalor.com/purpose.html



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