December 2015 Astrology

Here we are at the last month of 2015! Most of us can’t wait to have that fresh start and rejuvenation for the new year ahead, so to make the best of the last month we should spend it resting. Time to recharge, relax and reboost. Of course this months gets its fast stream of busy with the holidays, preparing gifts and traveling. With that being said make the most of your down time.

We start this month with a New Moon on December 11th in Sagittarius. We are in the sun sign of Sagittarius as well so this double fire can really have us feeling like we are walking on hot coals and ready to run towards positive actions and goals! It’s a good time to start thinking about the new year ahead and the next cycle of resolutions. Make small goals too because this moon is extra fiery and magical things will manifest at the flick of a light! So what do you REALLY  want for christmas?

Hello Christmas Full Moon on the 25th in Cancer. Cancer has us feeling extra homey and mixed with a full moon, this is a great time for a purge. Let go of the bad habits and stuck energy in your home. This may even be a time to really dive deep and seek out therapy, find a workshop, or get a life coach. Being with our family can really push us to see aspects of our true selfs whether we like it or not. Work on not being ashamed of your flaws or obsess that your parents are nuts, everything around you in your world was created for you to grow and learn. So tackle the purge and push yourself. You have a perfect hand guiding you into the feeling of newest for the new year!

Get your horoscope for the last month of 2015 from my favorite astrologers!


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