How to bring in the New Year in a ’24 Hour’ Reset!

“If positivity is not your mindset, then reset”
― Josh Stern

The end of the year is a crazy time with the holidays in full swing, traveling, cars, trains and planes, delays and cancellations! Different climate changes, time differences, family, friends, too much money spent, eating, drinking and more eating, time and energy all out the window! WOW! Then we have those zombie five days after Christmas before it’s the New Year! Well hello 2016! And now we are asking ourselves, am I ready? Of course! Here are good ways to reset yourself for the new year and good for you, you can do them in one day or take this month and get yourself feeling good!

Social Media Time Out
Take a break from all the noise online! Check your email less, and slow the constant picture posting. Stop feeling depressed from others holidays in tropical places, or their engagement announcement or new baby photos. Let it all go and most importantly, get back to you.

Self Care aka “Treat Yo-self Day”
We’ve been spending the end of the year giving and receiving, but let’s face it giving can take a lot out of us. Whether it was gifts, time and energy with others, take a time out and have a “Treat Yo-Self Day”. Cash in on a spa day, massage, facial or even hibernate at home and read a book with your new house slippers in your face mask with cucumbers on your eyes and just breath! You’ll have a fantastic reset feeling before you know it.

Get outside & Visit Nature.  
Some of us might have spent too much time inside, so take a breather and get outside. Bundle up if you need to, but take a walk in the woods. Ground yourself with nature. Drive in the mountains, walk on the beach at sunset. Feel the trees, pick a flower and or check out the fallen leafs. Listen to the winds and reset your busy mind in one walk! Get the body moving and the blood flowing!

Think Healthy Thoughts
Now that we have a month to truly think about our year (thanks to Mercury retrograde), lets start off positive and healthy. Visualize yourself eating healthy, being more active, feeling stronger, happier and hey why not having fun and laughing! Thoughts become things so really imagine yourself in your full potential. Are you a little stressed on goals for the new year? Just pick a few words or even one word and let yourself become them. My word for the year is expansion! Expanding my skills and feel more confident in my skills. Expand my view of the world; traveling. Expanding my love and relationship to new levels. Expanding my money flow! Find a word that works for you, some might be more focused on physical health so maybe your word is Strength, or Will-Power.
Or try an intention like these-

I will work less, live more.
I will speak less and listen more.
I will buy less and simplify more.
I will complain less and appreciate more.
I will worry less and surrender more

Find a mantra that works for you here!

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