How to Start Having Magic in Your Day With These Morning Rituals!

Most of us wake up to an alarm, grab our phone to flood our minds with texts, emails and Instagram. Some days I decide to smack my hand and start my day when my eyes open to just take in the morning. The window light, sounds, and my cat curled on pillow next to my head. I started to create small morning ritual to ease my mind and soon my days became more magical. Mother Theresa said, “It’s the small things done with great love that matter,” and it’s been my experience that small daily traditions do make a huge difference. Here’s where the magic begins!

Dream Journal
Write down your dreams in a little journal when you wake up. This process will be slightly difficult at first. Only being able to remember a small amount at first. This ability to remember your dreams is like a muscle and when you repeatedly day after day write as much of your dreams as you can remember you will also in tern be able to remember more as time goes on. This is also how lucid dreaming is achieved over time as well as strengthening the ability to tap in to intuition. You have subconscious messages to tell us! One step at a time though the first step is just writing down what you can remember, even if that is nothing.

Set an Intention
Weather it be stay focused on your tasks, looking for a new job, or even be more kind to people. As humans we love to feel accomplished so set a small positive mark for your day! Be Happy! 🙂

Visualize Your Day
See yourself having fun, laughing, having others tell you that they are proud of you, image getting emails about jobs, vacations and exciting news! VISUALIZE VISUALIZE VISUALIZE!

Tea Time
Tea is not just a drink, but it is nourishing and grounding and aids to a much healthier digestion. You can add almond milk, honey, cinnamon and cayenne pepper which can help a natural detox too! So enjoy a cup a tea while you start your day!

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