January 2016 Astrology

This is how this month will go in the winter stars. . .

We start this year right away with Mercury Retrograde from January 5th to 26th.Mercury rules the mind so it is a good month to now take a breather from the holidays and reflect on the whole year and years that are now behind us. Spend the month reviewing; what worked out, what didn’t? This is a good opportunity to really take your time on your resolutions. Just because it’s the ‘new year’ doesn’t mean you HAVE to start January 1st. The stars are telling us we should wait! The Chinese New Year begins February 8th this year, so take this month and really plan out what you want to tackle this year and make it realistic! Slow and steady wins the race people!

Jupiter is in retrograde starting January 7th. When Jupiter takes it’s back spin this is not the time for growth and expansion. A lot more time and energy is spent on your projects. Usually whatever you are clinging to in life will be released. As much as it’s hard to let go, this is always for the best.

We have a New Moon in Capricorn on January 9th. This is a good time to start getting those little mundane tasks done. Make small goals and start the tasks that you have been putting off. Paying old bills, cleaning out the kitchen cabinets or organizing your files (Hello taxes!). These are the goals you should set for yourself this month. As much as we despise these chores this is the perfect mind set to get yourself ready and set for a new year! Its the small things in life that make up our actions to our big plans. So before you dream big about writing a book, or a foreign vacation abroad this year. Get to work on the small things in life!

Full Moon in Leo January 23rd. With Leo guiding this moon, we have a little fire under our butts to now set our year goals. We now have the passion inside to get us there, but mercury is still covering this moon. Your mind is a little at a loss of what goals to set and in what order. Have no fear, let this moon show you your weakness and where you’ll need to let go, so next month we can really get a strong hold of 2016 and not let go!

2016 in numerology adds up to nine. Nine is completion, this is a year of ending!

Check out your 2016 horoscope at my two favorite sites!


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