Why We All Need Spontaneous Adventures!

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

The first week of January, my girlfriend Zuzana called me and demanded that this year she was taking control of her life and not waiting for anyone to make things happen! She told me that she wanted to travel and was tired of waiting for her boyfriend to ‘get his money together’ and was going to travel with friends or by herself if needed. She asked me about Sedona Arizona and knew I had been before. I told her that she inspired me and that I will join her on this adventure! In my mind I craved adventures, it’s my weakness in life. I also was struggling with money since this is a slow time for entertainers, but it also would be a good time to travel since work was slow. I basically just said “Fuck It, I’m going,” and shook off my fears. The reality is, it’s Sedona and it’s a magical place.

It’s Healing 
Two days before this trip my boyfriend and I ended our relationship (on the Full Moon of course). Unplanned as breakups are, this trip couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. When you travel your worries of your daily life are less noticed in your mind and heart. We are more open and care free when we set out to explore and discover. We become more present and that’s exactly where healing starts! Whether it’s a break up, stress about work, or even money worries. Be present and enjoy whats around you!

Abundance Flows
When we let go, have fun and play, we create a positive energy in our soul and around us. Which then creates abundance in any form to flow to us. When I was on my spontaneous trip enjoying nature, coming to check my emails I found out I had booked three jobs! And here I was worried about money and work and just like that, a quick hike up the mountain, laughing and exploring, I created an energy of abundance.

Synchronicity and Signs
Along our trip we had ideas of what we would like to do, but we left it open to the flow of synchronicity to lead us. A synchronicity occurs when one of life’s meaningful coincidences are placed in your path. We ran into a local three times on our trip and every time we saw him he guided us to check out something that was exactly what we needed or were looking for!

They Are Memories You’ll Never Forget In life
I would trade all my material possessions just to travel the world with my friends, there has never been a trip that I regretted going on Even at my brokest of days, it always worked itself out. My favorite memories in life are the trips and travels I have gone on. My soul, heart and mind completely dive deep into the mysteries, cultures and nature that creates this world. Being free, growing closer to my friends and finally feeling like I’m on top of the world, all come from my spontaneous travels. In December last year my grandma turned 90! When I asked her about her life and the things she’s seen and done, she always says her favorite life memory was a trip to Europe her and her sister went on! Traveling fills our souls in ways we can’t image. 


Picture above is of me in Sedona Arizona 1/28/2016 by Zuzana Lova 


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