Kelley’s Morning Rituals

8am – I usually get up around 8/9am depending on if I had to work the night before. Before I grab my phone to check the time and get lost in instagram, I take some deep breaths and enjoy my cat, ninja, curled next to me and get some good cat lovin’ in. It’s one of my favorite and most soothing ways to wake up. I let all my dreams flash back as I enjoy my moment. I than get up spray my face with rose water to help wake up and feel refreshed and I head to the kitchen to make a small cup hot water and lemon.  Drinking this combination first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. Read more about the benefits of lemon water HERE. After that I crawl back into bed and journal; I usually write my dreams down and google the meanings of certain things I remember and write those down in my dream journal as well. It’s really interesting to see what your subconscious is telling you!

9am– I meditate for about 15 minutes. I love any music with flutes, water, or Native American chants. I usually do a shamanic journey into my middle earth and talk to my spirit guides and animals. I’ll ask them questions if I am feeling lost in life or just play around in my garden and working on healing and abundance.

9:30am– I get up and make breakfast, Paleo time! (For those who don’t know me, I have been eating Paleo since 2013 due to not being able to process and digest any foods that weren’t of the Modern Paleo diet). I usually have three eggs scrambled with a cup of coconut ‘yogurt’ with chai seeds, goji berries and blueberries along with a glass of water. Sometimes I make sweet potatoes and kale and cook a sunny side up egg on top. Breakfast is my favorite meal.

10am– I throw on some yoga clothes and out the door a little past 10am to make to to donation power yoga at 10:30 in Santa Monica. I love the feeling of of having a clear mind and moving my body all before noon!

Weekly– Each each I practice mindfulness. This week I am working on using my non-dominate hand. I tied a ribbon on my right hand so when I go to use my dominate hand I am reminded to switch hands. I also left notes around my house, like the bathroom to remind myself to use my non-dominate hand when brushing my teeth or combing my hair. Mindfulness is deliberately paying full attention to what is happening around you and within you- Mindfulness is awareness without criticism or judgment. There are amazing benefits if practicing mindfulness like it help conserves energy, strengths the mind, stops our struggles and conquers fears as well as creates intimacy. Check out this amazing little pocket book Mindfulness on the GO by Jan Chozen Bays to start your weekly practices!


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