Hello July! This month is a wave of ups and downs that will sure to deliver surprises. We must go with the flow and not try to plan our every move. Let the dance of life naturally happen this month. Moment by moment. Step by step.

July is an extra astrological whirl wind of planets dancing this month. During this month we have TWO Full Moons. This rare occasion last happened in 2012 and the next double moons won’t be till 2018! We start this month with a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 1st. Do you remember your new years resolutions or intentions from the New Moon in Capricorn on December 2014? Whatever goals and seeds you planted at the end of last year might now be blosom in to reality! Pluto is in alignment with with the Full Moon on the 1st, bringing out your deeper emotions and giving you a more grounded and clearer understanding of these emotions and where you are in your life. A very powerful emotional change could set you in the right direction. We end the month with another Full Moon in Aquarius, which will also be a rare blue moon. You know that saying “Once in a blue moon?” Well, this is it until 2018. You may want to try something new or take a risk. With this moon you may feel much more powerful and sure of your goals for the rest of the year. This moon is in culmination from not one but two of Aquarius New Moons from January 20th and February 18th. You may see even more of the seeds you planted this winter really start to grow!

I hope you all have been looking up in the sky after the sunset and see how bright and beautiful Jupiter and Venus are staring back at us. The perfect masculine and feminine pair are so close in the sky it’s almost as though they’ve met and now can’t stop dancing along side each other. The great dance of abundance, expansion and connection is what we are in store for for the rest of summer with these two!

The New Moon in Cancer on the 16th reminds us of your own power, that we are in charge of our own lives. Take is day by day and know change is always around the corner, you control your life with your reactions. Thoughts become things so get those positive intentions out there on this New Moon.

July 25th Venus begins to retrograde first in Virgo and then in Leo from July 25th to September 6th. When Venus makes its backspin it throws love and relationships haywire. Watch out for deep wounds being revealed as well as kindness could go MIA. Past ex’s could even come back. Whatever it may be, its a reflection time for love to deal with unfinished business and really be honest with yourself about the love in your life; Self love to relationships. 

The last week of July is a time to slow dance with the planets when half of them are in retrograde- including Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto! So don’t try to hike that mountain in one day! This is a better time to deal with your past, including habits and patterns that could be holding you back. Take this planet slow dancing time and reflect to get your life in working order. No rushing allowed, you may need to really stop and breath. There will be plenty of other times this year to take leaps, until now review, reflect and revise your life.

Don’t forget to read your monthly horoscope to see how all these planets dancing around effect you!

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