Kelley’s Morning Rituals

8am – I usually get up around 8/9am depending on if I had to work the night before. Before I grab my phone to check the time and get lost in instagram, I take some deep breaths and enjoy my cat, ninja, curled next to me and get some good cat lovin’ in. It’s one of my favorite and most soothing ways to wake up. … Continue reading Kelley’s Morning Rituals

Repeating Numbers… 777 888 999

Why do I keep seeing them and what do they mean?! The Universe is sending us signs all day long. 11:11 ‘Make a wish‘ is one of the most famous repeating numbers people seem to catch a lot. I got into numerology a few years ago because I was intrigued that I saw repeating numbers on address’s, license plate’s, the time and on receipts. The numbers became a great guide … Continue reading Repeating Numbers… 777 888 999

Benefits of Coconut Water

Over the last few years I have fallen in love with coconut everything! I started consuming more coconut water than actual water. There are some amazing benefits to these perfect summer drinks! Aids in weight loss Perfect Skin Hangover Remedy  Promotes good digestion Boosts Hydration Lower Blood Pressure  Rich in Nutrients  Insight from- Continue reading Benefits of Coconut Water

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10 Natural Sun Protection Herbs, Oils and Vitamins.

 Sunscreen isn’t the only way to protect yourself from UV’s. Check out how these natural remedies can also give an extra boost for sun protect. Green tea: You already know it has a lot of benefits, but did you know that the same powerful antioxidants that protect your cells on the inside can also protect your skin on the outside? A 2000 study found that when applied … Continue reading 10 Natural Sun Protection Herbs, Oils and Vitamins.

8 Natural Remedies Every Traveler Should Carry

1. Ginger chews With its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties you definitely want to have this in your purse or pocket while traveling. Perfect for nausea, migraines, digestion, aches, pains and congestion.   2. Probiotics Probiotics encourage a healthy gut environment, which is essential for your entire immune system. Taking probiotics will help maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria, keep your immunity up and digestive … Continue reading 8 Natural Remedies Every Traveler Should Carry

Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal powder is used medicinally as well as in air purifiers and water purifiers. Its recorded use dates back to 1550 BC and in modern times is most widely used medicinally as a detoxifier and poison antidote. I always keep it on hand for spider bites, accidental ingestion of toxins or stomach bugs even brushing your teeth to whiten. My boyfriend just got food poisoning last … Continue reading Activated Charcoal