How to Thrive and Manifest What You Want!

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
Maya Angelou

Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions! We get super excited to start the year by eating right, hitting the gym, setting our monthly budgets, and then we fall off the resolution wagon and settle into our old patterns. Well, there’s hope!

Here are some ways to thrive and manifest your way through the year:

1.) Wake up each morning with something good.

Weather it’s starting your morning with healthy food, going for a walk or yoga class, I like to start my mornings right when I open my eyes. I say ‘mantras’ to get my day going. Simple as; “I am capable of everything, I am beautiful, I am exactly were I need to be.” I have a girlfriend who likes to get out of bed and jump up and down three times and yell “I’M EXCITED”! Get’s the blood and the positive thoughts flowing!

2.) Feed your soul.

If you feel stuck or are prone to watching drama unfold it’s time to change your patterns. Start something new! A hobby maybe? Sew. Paint. Take up iphone photography. Get yourself to create! You don’t have to be good or turn it into a career, but allow yourself to create without judgement. Do something that fuels you rather than undermines your soul. Allow yourself the gift of introspection. Seek internal wisdom. Open up to open-ended questions. There is mystery and joy within. This life can be a miraculous journey inward. PS- Have you been on DIY on Pinterest? I get creative by just looking at it!

3.) So you relapse and “screw up”.

It’s ok! No one is perfect and no one can grow and learn more about what you want than to f*ck up. Mistakes are gifts!!! Let it go and begin again. Weather you had a cheat day eating or you get fired from a job or end a relationship it’s not meant to be. Give yourself credit for how far you came. It can only get better after you hit the bottom. I love ‘messing up’, it teaches me more than I could ever image.

4.) Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you will land among the stars.

Of course have those big goals in mind, but remember start small. Step by step and day by day. And make them realistic! Feeling busy at work? Plan a vacation of fun. Want to be in a relationship? Go on dates once a week. Want to eat healthier? Subtract certain foods slowly. Allow yourself time to adjust to your new ideas and plans. Time heals all!

5.) Listen to that voice or feeling inside.

TRUST your intuition! We all hear that voice inside our head saying don’t do that and do this and we must learn when it’s our ego and when it’s guidance from your highest-self. Your highest-self will always guid you to love and complement you along the way. Trust that feeling when something or someone isn’t right for you. You must be aware of the signs. Do you hang out with someone and negative things always happen? It’s a sign! When your happy manifestation come! Don’t force yourself and pretend things are good when they aren’t. Find your self-worth!

6.) Keep Dreaming 

Share your dreams! Let your dreams be known. Let them be big! I have Pinterest boards of my dreams. The more you share them, the more broadly, the better. It breathes life into them.

7.) Have FUN 🙂

You must have fun! Happiness racks in abundance and manifestations! Laugh. Play like a kid! This is why I love Groupon for these ideas of activities around me that remind me to get out and have fun!

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