How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

“Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation; it means understanding that something is what it is and that there’s got to be a way through it.” –Michael J Fox Mercury Retrograde, it happens three to four times a year and for some it feels like everyday. When Mercury spins close to earths orbit at these times it appears to be spinning backwards which is why we call it retrograde. … Continue reading How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

October 2015 Astrology

October! We have three months till the end of 2015, and we have reached the month of shorter days, colder nights and celebrations of the dead. But all in all we have survived September and eclipse season is over! Last month the first eclipse was beautiful, I felt clear on my actions as well as my direction in life, and I felt an overall calming of the storm, only … Continue reading October 2015 Astrology

The End of my Saturn Return: I Survived

Dear Universe, On Thursday September 17th 2015 was the end of my Saturn Return. Saturn left Scorpio which was in my 6th house of Health. Since 2012 I have been in a battle that at times seemed like I was never going to win. I had to completely redo the way I eat and view food. The battle of food allergies and acne that tugged … Continue reading The End of my Saturn Return: I Survived

Repeating Numbers… 777 888 999

Why do I keep seeing them and what do they mean?! The Universe is sending us signs all day long. 11:11 ‘Make a wish‘ is one of the most famous repeating numbers people seem to catch a lot. I got into numerology a few years ago because I was intrigued that I saw repeating numbers on address’s, license plate’s, the time and on receipts. The numbers became a great guide … Continue reading Repeating Numbers… 777 888 999

Chocolate Dipped Figs

(Gluten Free, Paleo,Vegan, Raw) Ingredients 8-12 figs (black or green) stems trimmed 1 cup Chocolate Chips ( I use Vegan GMO free Chocolate chips) 4 tsp. Olive Oil 1 tsp. Sea Salt to sprinkle on Instructions Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. Combine chocolate and oil in a small pot on medium/low heat until melted with stirring constantly to not burn. You can … Continue reading Chocolate Dipped Figs

How to Give Advise

“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” –Oscar Wilde This last month I had a girlfriend break up with her boyfriend. She had been battling an up and down relationship for the last 2 years. She came to work crying declaring that it is finally over. Another girlfriend of mine called me for advise because … Continue reading How to Give Advise

September 2015 Astrology

We have reached one of the most powerful & intense months of the year!!!! Get ready because we have two eclipses and one is during a Supermoon (new vision & surprises), Mercury takes it’s journey into retrograde (ughhh where are my keys?), Saturn enters Sagittarius (It’s happening now feeling!) and Venus turns direct (hello new hair cut & new love?!). This is a month where there might be surprises at every … Continue reading September 2015 Astrology

August 20th 2015…|Routine’s with Bae

Dear Universe, Every morning my boyfriend and I decided to wake up and do 3 sun salutations of yoga. (Energizing your body as you stretch and strengthen all of its major muscle groups also known as surya namaskar.) In other words we move our body slow and make little noises and expressions that sounds like, “owieee” “fuck” and “ughhhhh.”  I lay down our mats towards our big … Continue reading August 20th 2015…|Routine’s with Bae